Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pegi bank lagi..ohoho!

It’ getting close to my registration day and obviously, I’m kinda hectic right now dealing with all the unfinished business. Mama had suggested me to create the Bank Islam account and another buch of banks so that it’ll be easy for me if I’m desperate of money. Pasal mama x nk aq jadi mcm K.Yang coz ayh cho terpakse pg Nilai just nk bg k.yang duit blanjew psl atm k.yang ade probs kowt?! Besides, I’m kinda worry if I’m having too many cash in my wallet since I afraid the money flow out rapidly and takot2 jgk kalo orang nk pau takowt gk psl Debit card still lei spend cm credit card cume plainly I’m using my own funds jew larr..


haruan tasek said...

bank islam memang baik untuk melabur

Aizat said...

ow sy klu invest2 ni dkt CIMB jew..haha


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