Friday, June 5, 2009

REVIEW OF THE DAY: Stupid Joe Jonas, love the Quickie 8!

Joe Jonas..WTF??!
I’d juz just walk around the network and singgah jap kt blog nina...dengo radio...hehe..Well, Single Ladies,Beyonce is on air right now..The song got it very own sensation because I got no idea why is everyone just always up to something with this song? Ok, lemme get this straight...Previously, Justin Timberlake did a funny video where Beyonce, JT and couple of other boys did a remake video clip of the video...It’s funny watching JT doing the fancy dancing step, wearing the black girl swimming suit??!! And the latest one, Joe from Jonas Brother make the same thing as JT as a promo video in promoting their upcoming album...Well, I got say, that’s such a poor way in promoting album! Here's the video..

Calling Again..

Again, I called the Quickie 8 today and as predicted, its ended up with that bloody voice mail things. I don't know why I am really into that show! It juz something cool to me...hehe...So, I hit their Facebook and follow as fan...I’d plan to join some contest from 8TV, who know? If it’s my luck to win those cool HM goodies?!

Woohoo!More Update on Delta Blog!!!
Tadi drop by Delta Blog jap..Yokatta nei..ade jgk update..Moon ade post something about her college program at Melaka for the anak angkat things…cam besh jew aq bace article Moon tuh..Just the review of her unforgettable moment with her mock parents..It SUGOII because the village is located near the beach! [Here's the article] 

Tuh jew kowt..nothing cooler than those things today..haha..nytex!


Amir said...

don't give up calling..keep calling over and over again..insya allah ade rezeki ko tuh..btw may i know what does hm stand for? just curious though curiosity did kill the cat..

Aizat said...

HM? kew skrang ni Quickie 8 bg hadiah Estée Lauder dgn HM stuff, x kn aq nk Estée Lauder goodies kowt? HM=Hanah montana lorr..layan rr..soundtrack diew pown cambest jew..

aq dah lame dh tgk cite HM the Movie..tatau plwk kt M'sia br nk release..hehe..


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