Saturday, June 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Bapa?

Man, this is weird! I'm supposed to be frustrated because my plan to watch Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen this Wednesday is canceled for the sake of my dad! Perhaps, it’s because I’m listening to Bebaskan by Shila OIAM2 kowt..dah la q dah reserve 5 ticket! Blockbuster plawk tuh!

Ok, actually, I'm tired already to argue with my dad because everything that he said is always right! Bloody hell, freaky huh? Ever since I hate and insulting the way he decide, but at last, everything since pointing to his side and, surprisingly, I'm also agree with him?!

Wow, wait a minute…are you saying that you're not going to watch Transformers just because your dad won't let you go? WTF? It’s a must watch movie, plus you'd already reserved the ticket! Come on…For Megatron sake, you must go!

Nah! Let just assume my willing on not going to cinema just because my dad refuse, is the father’s day gift, okay? Besides, it’s always in hell if I’m not listening to my dad. Seriously, ni first time dengan rela hatinya listen to my dad without rebelling!

Cummon guys! Congratulate me now!


haruan tasek said...

ya selamat hari bapa

Anonymous said...

dasar haruan tasek!


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