Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tadaima!: Lintas langsung my aunt wedding!

Ini ialah lintas langsung untuk wedding (aunt) angah aq dkt kampung tuh..die kawin dengan orang Manjung. Seriously, die mude sangat tapi kawin awal..!

Let’s talk about what happen lately since I leaved my home last 2 days. I’ve learned one of the most precious things that I can never dig them from book, internet, brochure, TV show and all sorts of media. The thing that I’ve learns is from my experience. My dad told us (in car just now, during our way home); experience is the most valuable thing that you can never catch unless you face it yourself.

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I’m totally impress on how the orang kampung (villagers) running a wedding function! All they have to do are just, put an exact date, decide the menus, buy all the groceries and material, and settle all the bridge outfits. That’s all! There’s no need to worry about the catering, how much should be spend on the services and hall rent fee, and all sort of things that we (the big city citizen) did when it comes to wedding.

• All the pinggan mangkuk, talam2, n sume2 barang untuk menghidang dah tersedia dalam stok masjid. (no fee charged)
• The village citizen are concern and good in team-working since there’s no need to instruct ‘em which-part and what-to-do-next thing! They just know what to do and everything was just perfectly smooth!
• There’s no need to spend much on inviting card because announce the wedding date at mosque after the prayers and this is what there’re doing all these year. The inviting card is just for the outsiders and VIP. By this crack, they can afford to do an expensive-look inviting card for the VIP! How genius is that? (LOL!)

The kenduri (function) was totally a phenomenon since a week earlier, the ceremony is one of the hot gossips among the mak-cik2, and the whole resident of Kampung Bukit Sapi is already busy in preparing the wedding setting.

The guys will put up a very large and wide-temporarily-gazebo with huge fiber ceiling on it top for food-serving work. It can fit for about 40-60 person on it. Here is where the woman will set up the food which directly from the gigantic traditional-style wood kitchen into salver along with all dessert for each table. Basically, the maximum food course is up until 2 only.

Alamak, letih larr plawk nak explain panjang2…

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haruan tasek said...

ha... kawen dengan budak navy... aku kenal sangat budak nie.... apapun selamat pengantin baru...


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