Monday, June 15, 2009

I came across the Thought Leader survey that the did few week ago and afterward,I'd received an email from Ronn. Actually he's from the Youth Asia Group. Anyhow, I found that it's cool if I forward this questionnaire to my blogger friends.

1. How do you describe your ownself?
I am a positive and optimistic young boy and insanely talkative person. When it comes to ice braking or giving idea or opinion, I’ll step forward. But, ever since I’m kinda sensitive, a stupid little problem might spoil my commitment and that’s my weakness...duh

2. What is your main passion right now?
I can’t wait to get in the university! It’s nearly a year I’m stranded at home...

3. What are your biggest hobbies/interests?
I love to surf the internet since it’s a source medium with no boundaries(Kris Allen madness!!lol!)…Besides, music is my passion. For god sake, music is the permanent mankind soul expression! Nobody hate music, i reckon..If I'm out of idea, I just love to post something at my blog…anyway, I'm kinda love writing article too!

4. Where do you usually socialize with your friends? (online and onground)
Previously, we just have a talk directly since ahead of time I'm staying at hostel. So, there’s alot of friend where you can share things and do some chit chat. But as for now, we just get connected virtually trough our alumni official social network, myspace, and facebook.

5. Who has the biggest influence on you and your life?
It’s my mom. Even everyone asked me a favour, then I refused; and suddenly my mom told me to just do the favour, and I’ll just do it! Even it’s the haters’ thing, when it comes to my mom; I just do everything for her! haha

6. Who is your idol (celebrity, scientist, politician, etc.)? Why do you like them?
Of coz the greatest prophet, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w.! Placed at the 1st ranking of ‘the most influenced mankind on earth’ is good enough for explanation. His leadership is what had absolutely impressed me. He gave us lots of lesson throughout his life. You name it, politic, religion, culture, economy, technology, education and much more! 

7. Where do you usually go shopping? How much do you spend shopping a month?
I only shop for two things. Clothes and DVDs. Basically, I just hit the Kinta City and some DVDs store. Anyhow, most of my money always burned for DVDs. I used to spend a lot previously, but as for last month, it's onlyRM27.80. Anyhow, so far for this month, its had raised to RM67.30. Let's hope that'll permanent until the end of month.  

8. Tell me your top 3 wishes (your hopes and aspirations).
a. Of coz i wanna grow up handsomely rich and successful in my very own field of study and I wish to do my part as a concern citizen by work on lots of social services and do lots of charity.
b. There’s a bloody cool song that I’d wrote especially for Shila OIAM and I really hope one day I can make her sing the song. I promise the song will be a smash hitz! It’s a song for teachers. Its sound kinda boring, but I promise, it’s totally different thing and it sound catchy which just suit for Shila’s vocal.
c. I wanted to have my very own VAIO and surf the internet via Wi-Max at Cafe while enjoyed a cup of Hot Cafe Latte!

9. Tell me which is your favourite
a. TV Channel : 8TV
b. Newspaper : The Star
c. Magazine : Galaxie
d. Radio Station :

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