Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What the f***ed am I doing at YouTube?!!

OMG! It’s freakin’ odd this morning as I woke up and then suddenly, I just right away shoot the response video for LADY GAGA TRIED TO KILL ME!! From ShanedawsonTV channel! Lol!

I just laugh all the time when I watched the video back. I work on that video like 4 hours! What do you feel, when you’re looking at yourself at YouTube, mumbling bunch of stupid things in a worldwide video streaming website?!

I kept saying to myself, what the fucked are you doing by publishing such video which kinda embarrassing if you pals find out about this?!

Hey, I just response something on Shane videos lorr! Salah kew? Besides, if you surf the YouTube, there’re about 160++ response video just for the LADY GAGA TRIED TO KILL ME!! Video! I reckon that is okay to share your thought in a quite different medium; I kept using blog to forward my ideas, so why not,right? Besides, it’s something funny to do!

In the video, I kept saying, umm..and huhh..ya! emm... Am I retarded or something? lol! I just can't speak smoothly in public,, don't laugh at me,okay? (of coz, you will..!)

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