Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AGM Debate!!!

I’d attend the Debaters AGM just now and I can’t tell you how I fell right now since I’m totally shock and I nearly caught in mental blackout since everybody is like expert! Hell no! They are expert and professional! Everyone was keep telling their experience which a darn long chronology about their achievement since they’re at middle school! I just join the club with zero expecting to be a skilled debater. Anyhow, the seniors and other new (expert again! hoho) are just way too supportive and they really encourage me to take this platform as the right place to polish my dusty soft skill. Guys, let’s hope I’ll be one of them soon!

P/s: By the way, there will be a competition at Thailand by this semester! At any chance, I really don’t want to participate since the priority of participant is pointing to new members! I just wanted improvise as for now…huhu

Hoho, I posted that picture likes 3 times under the same topic: Debate! ohoho!

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