Sunday, July 5, 2009

Duh! Its pathetically annoy to keep posting from my mobile! It's down like tortured! jUST HOTONYI YOKATTA coz I'm posting via destop right now! ho-yeah2! I'm in computer lab to handle the PTPTN and course registration things.

Tomorrow will be my first day for lecture! Kinda exited but still worry if I get lost..huhu..

I reckon it would be cute(cute?! whatta' ****?) if I change my blog header to; From First to Last:Campus Life. That'll be cool but I got no Photoscape here to make one.FML!

Speaking of making new friends, surprisingly everything was just fine (even I complaining to Dato Kamal/Bob that I'm alone here and crying @ night (motherfuc*er hell no!!!)Anyhow, still tahnks a lot to bob for some advice. He told me to just stay cool, be nice and talkative and never bother to give away something (like belanaje makan and all that shit la..)

emergency, gotta go!

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