Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Morning Speech!!!

I have no idea what makes me so exited and until I eager to write this post just right after I perform the Subuh! Lol! First of all, Ohio gozaimassue’! You know what drag me here is because I was dreamed that my honey bunny laptop is gone! OMG! I really hope that’s just another bad dream and that’s all! I’m not a Trelawney to make some stupid prediction which at last comes true! Hell no!

Besides, I also date Liyana Jasmay just now. Bloody hell what on earth such thing can happen?! Duh, that’s freakin hilarious and really trigger me to have a really fresh start today with those jokes. LOL!

By the way, me and my roommates planned to use the coin washer machine and I super exited and glad since there’s no need for me to do send my clothes to the laundry service at Uptown which hontonyi tiring!

OMG! You know what does annoy me so bad? It’s when I went to the toilet to make some shit but all that comes out was just farted! Duh! I wanna make some shit now, Bye!

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♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

wow! date with liyana jasmay??
mesti sblm tdo ingt kt dye..hehe


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