Sunday, July 19, 2009

Study Group woo...haha!

Basically, everyday I’ll manage to spend couples of hours with my study group members. I think it a good idea to study in group consistently since I can’t manage to force myself to sit in my room and cover some critical topics likes 3 hours continuously. Besides, I can just directly discuss with my course-mate if I there’re any problems.

You know what; one of my study group members is a top-10 worldwide accountancy student! Isn’t that cool?! I can’t see any reason why I can’t score at least B+ for my Account subject! Dekan! Here I come!!!

Well, yesterday I planned to change my cell phone. We’re having a PC Fair here (today’s the last day) since we got a bunch of affordably adorable I-mobile phone. Sounds creepy because I’m using SE Cyber shot now and I’m changing to I-Mobile? FML! Anyhow, feature offered was kinda interesting since the model I interested on is a dual-sim phone. I think it would be cute if I trade the old SE with a brand new I-mobile which kinda not bad and surprisingly affordable.

Anyhow, as Mama told me about how’s life and the vital of money, I’d decided to just wait until this Eid. It’s more rational if I’m using the money for some exercise books or foods which always on top of my priority right now which I’m used for living here.

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OREOO said...

gdlak bebehh..
kalo dpat dekan nti..
clebrate ah eh..
wat satu majlis ntok blogger2..


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