Monday, July 20, 2009

What a shame...

WARNING: I’m writing this article with a really humble and frank perception from my deepest thought. My own opinion is a personal things and If you got problems with the issues I’m about to put forward, I’m expecting you, readers, to respect my frame of mind and It would my pleasure if I willing to do some corrective action if my thought is kinda over aggressive or just way to much.

I hate when I judge a person with his/her looks! I feel so lame and very bad on myself! Hey, but I do judge a book with it cover. People are not books and personalities are not about the looks. It a whole different things and even it can be presume as yes, only a few aspect can be related.

I tend to get sorry when I notice someone looks very pathetic, poor or even ugly, especially amongst my friends. By determine their looks, the way I’m treating them will be completely different each person that I’d met. I kept on treating extremely well on those who looks poor and I do think it’s a really good behavior by helping poor people. But that’s really unfair since; in this case, it can be diverge into 2 categories; poor and good looking, poor and ugly.

Naturally, human love the good looks and prettiness. It sound logic but in certain case, like this one, it sound racism and discriminate. Okay, I treat both of them (categories very well) but when it comes to ugly and poor, I still treating ‘em in a good way, but in this categories, I will naturally split ‘em into another 2 categories; sincere and insincere.

A day later…

You know what, I’m treating everybody well today (almost, just give me times, okay?) and now I now why do we need to be nice to people. LOL! At least I got some drinks and that’s really great during this scorching afternoon! Perhaps, I should work some more so that’s I can get lots of rewards soon! Haha! It’s not that I’m being insincere or materialistic (hell yes, I am!), I reckon that God is trying to encourage me to behave well with the community and never be a selfish! So, that will be the lesson for today!
By, the way, just want to show you the mind map for Introduction to Accounting that I’ve been working on likes 3 days, but it still not completed yet.
OMG! ManU vs. Malaysia tonight!!!!

Aq fuck btol dgn ManU!!! Tmbah2 lg ble rakyat Malaysia sndiri dgn beramai2 sokong ManU siap pakai baju We love United lg tuh!

Cube kalo satu rakyat Malaysia sokong M'sia n psiko ckit ManU, bru r deorang cuak+recpect kt org2 M'sia.X gitu?

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y0Ngu~des!! said...

woi woi woi... jgn ah fuck manu... ho2....


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