Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aq post mnde ni b4 bbuke woo ;-P

I work on my MGT assignment just now with Fikry and it's done like 54% only. He is so childish like asking me all the step and every single line is needed to be describe specifically so that he can manage to come out with his own version of line. (We're actually kinda copycat from the internet source and rewrite in in our own term. That lecturer kinda encourage that method, since we're still do some research,tho..

Afterwards, we went to Bazar Ramadan for some foods. Nasi Ekonomi(it's actually nasi ayam berempah) and Carrot Juice are on the toplist, 4 sure! Plus, I'm only spending RM3 everyday!

By the way, the Compound Interest in Biz Math isn't as hard as I thought. What do I need to do is just detect the K,m,P, then only, I can come out with the value of i and n. (haha, surely you guys in your WTF-face.LOL!)

Surprisingly, Financial Accounting isn't that stress as usual, instead of boring a bit.

It's only 6.52pm now?! I thought is nearly the time..huhu

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