Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Bajet-Betol-Tapi-Salah Situation

I'd just watched Syurga Cinta. Well, as for me, all Malay's movies define whore but not for Syurga Cinta. It's kinda dick for certain part but,quite a surprise that it's really touch my heart to at least cry for the God.

Time kteorang tgk tadi (ramai2 tgk dgn kawan2), ade sorang tuh mcm do a hek-eleii..!-face to us who touched on such movies. Duh, seriously, it's a dakwah-oriented love story and I think it can effectively get through to youth and deliver the major message of the movie brilliantly.

Anyhow, suddenly Shanaynay comes on the screen and spoil my mood as he/she shit on me with the *oral* history video! But it's still LOL! though..

conclusion~Both Syurga Cinta and ShaneDawsonTV are cool but I reckon that Syurga Cinta is way much educational since *oral* history was totally fuck up the school subjects thingy which way too unfitted with Ramadan fever.

By the way,

tadi aq ade test biz math! aq lei jew bwt sume tp risau takot2 salah psl aq xde problem langsong and thats completely an over-confident symptom and a bajet-btol-tapi-salah situation..huhu


y0Ngu~des!! said...

(hek-eleii..!-face)syurga cinta ja pon... ha2..

Aizat said...

ok larr..whateverr..

Izzat Al-Zahari said...

I see that you just love the word 'reckon', don't you?

Aizat said...

don't you reckon that 'think' sound boring?

btw,do i know you or you just another random reader..coz I live in Ipoh too..hoho


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