Monday, August 3, 2009

FML: Worst morning ever!

I woke up this morning in moody when suddenly Ain called me for account study group! No offense to her because that doesn’t annoy me at all, frankly I said…Actually, what’s kept me moody this morning was I got less rest since yesterday I slept like 2 in the morning..huhu

What did make me annoy so bad is when someone makes me feel like a dumb. When Ain is teaching me the balance sheet, gross & profit thingy and all that shit, someone just interrupted and keeps telling that those stuff are just piece of cakes and I’m so stupid for asking such thing!

“Duh, this thing is basic and all you need is lots of practice!”
-“Duh, are blind or something?! I’m practicing here, you moron!”

Ok, at least I’m trying to get the hell out of the dumbness of account boredom. Ok, I’m not being a bodoh sombong, it just that, that kinda person is really distracting me!

Plus, during BEL120 class just now, the guy who sitting at me left (which similarly to hell) was totally get on your nerves when he kept on singing and mumbling with those guy at the back. Just imagine they’re chatting like their distance was 100 miles away and keep shouting each other. Worst, teacher at the front just do nothing about it!


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