Saturday, August 22, 2009

Greeting Ramadan

It’s Ramadan already and I’d decided to make a Ramadan post. Actually, it’s just another random post, just because it’s posted on this valuable day! Ok, I’ll try to make it Ramadan oriented as possible!

Speaking of its excitement, peoples just love to forwards bunch of Ramadan fancy text message and I’m kinda reckon it’s less effective since I got likes 3 or for of same text message from different person! I understands, my pals are just overly exited (that’s a good things!) greeting Ramadan and so do I.

Thus, I would like to wish you guys can perform it incredibly well! Just stay in the pink and selamat berpuasa!

P/s- I’m doing this as if I’m wishing to everyone and literally saving my credit! LOL!

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