Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm Out! I'm Out! Freedom...

I don’t know suddenly it’s appear to be a quite gloomy days, both the sky and my heart. Just now I called my mom, told her that my quarantine period had just come to an end. She just so glad but still remind me not to forget the remedies (jgn lupe mkn antibiotic sampai habish!!!)

Previously my sister told me on MySpace that my parent had just run a new business. Well, they use to work a lot for our family passive salary and that kinda make me sorry and a bit poignant. Huhu…Can’t you see how desperate they’re working for some extra money just to make us a bit happy, at least can indulge this Raya Aidilfitri without money problems, plus obeying our high-demand life- altitude.

Ok, what makes me sad is all their efforts always end with failures and that’s really makes me feel bad. I can barely invest like thousand of money but, noticing the money just blown away without getting the payback in unjust! (I’m not blaming the God, ok…)

Well, the good news, mom just told me about her new business thingy and it sound pretty convincing for the future S (blajo Biz Math MAT140 bru lei tau nilai S! haha). Plus, I’m absolutely cool about it and I’m truly in the pink right now!


y0Ngu~des!! said...

oh!! oh!! sekalung tahniah diucapkan kepada encik aizat... ha2... bersyuko wei...

Aizat said...

huhu, arigato!
besh gilew dpt kuar dow..haha!tp aq still x lei pg class n doctor bg mc smpai pduli ape?! esk ade biz math n luse ade test aq pg jew class..haha


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