Monday, August 17, 2009

Makcik...Datin...Puan...??? You got ma temperature rising like El-Ni-Yo!

I was suppose to get the hell out of here by today but my body temperature increased! The doctor concluded that one of us(me and my roommates) is a carrier and we needed to be separated and bla3...

Just now there were a makcik shitting around to do some checkup things. You know how much I love to fool around with these makcik and chat as if we're on our way to pasar?! LOL! (Just bcoz i used to do so with my late grandma..sob2..miss her like hell!)

Ok, I started the chat by asking some masks and spare blanket n addressing her as makcik. Then, she asking me some stupid question like,

"what did you call me just now?"
"what should you address me within office ethic?"

"Duh, what the fuck is wrong with this makcik?!" tak dapat nk blagak Datin nk blagak soh panggil Puan plawk..

Actually, she wanted me to address her as Mam/Puan which same goes with Encik Dean who stress peoples not to call him as Pakcik instead of Tuan/Encik. Whateverr!!

P/S~ Actually, she's kinda nice too! hehe.. we still enjoy chat with her...she told us that there'd already 1 serius H1N1 case in our college and everybody need to take a really serious precoution even the 'orang atas' just darn worry on us since our condition is needed to be reported daily! I felt like a celebrity! LOL!


y0Ngu~des!! said...

hoh!! ape jadahnye mak cik tu??
dean aku pon aku panggil pak din je... ha2... anyway, smoge ko cepat semboh... ho2..

Aizat said...

Aq p0wn nk sgt semboh! Ko tau x,purata kt cni,btmbah 40 org demam stiap hri!


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