Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review of the day:x dpt PTPTN..??

OMG! It’s been a while I’m not posting a really darn passionate long post! There’s tons of idea, it’s just that I’m lack of commitment on posting article to my blog lately, huhu..gomendasai! You know what, previously, my attention just pointing on the MySpace since I don’t know why I’m kinda obsesses on it lately! LOL! Just visit my profile and don’t forget to add me as you friends!

By the way, since I got some passion in writing now, I’m going to make a repay on my previous irresponsible short-post article.

These are just few picture that I wish to post previously but just turn out to be appear right now with no words..huhu…just indescribable as for now psl mende tuh suppose nk post sbmlm nii..

Just a beautiful art that I found at Kangar during my way home to Ipoh!

Smpai Ipoh mlm so drop by McD for dinner..hehe~

A warm welcome from my sibling ble aq blk rumah..huhu

Time patrol aroung Shatiry's MySpace profile, tjumpe gmbo time aq gradute dolu2 time form 5, so, I paste it on my desktop!

p/s~best gilew text dgn bob tdi! Die dkt Sabah..ntah la study apew? soon die akan jd cikgu BI lorr 4 sure..InsyaAllah..

Anyhow, I reckon that, it’ll be cute to write a short post so that it’s not looks tiring to be read and not abandon readers on reading an empty-fact of long post!

Well, I have to admit its so yesterday for me on start worrying the H1N1 popular virus lately. ( Woit! I do wanna write something about it lorr!). Ok, there’s nothing to be told since there’s bunch of facts and tips out there about how to prevent/handle this problems. Basically, I’m just advising you guys to follow those guides and just be careful and stay healthy at any rate!

Speaking of my study, I’d just finish the temporary home-quarantine of H1N1 virus precaution. A week lame custody and a damn boring one! I never enjoy it since everyone is overly careful on fighting it. As the result, my plan to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was cancelled! Damn frustrated! Anyhow aizat, just look at the bright side, you’d just found the finest quality of HP6 full movie from! At least I can watch the movie, though…

B4 aq balik Arau,gunting this is my new hairstyle!hoho..mmg pendek nk mampos kalau nk compare dgn previous one..

Just wanna mention that I’m sorta worried about my PTPTN thingy since I got no result of my loan value. Most of my friends got it already. What did I thought is It would be a tough semester with this finances problems. But there’s something makes me feel better right now since my pals just told me that actually most of part 1 students don’t’ even register for their loan yet since they planned to do it next semester. Perhaps I could join them, though…But consequently, I just have to keep on saving this semester lorr..

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Aku BOB KAMAL said...

weh perasaan giler ko..aku x cakap ko yang nangis laa, aku cakap kawan aku laa


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