Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rusydi My Best pal everrr!

You know what; I don’t know how to explain in a really tremendous way to you on how pleasant today is!

Let see, I have a fight with my best pal, Rushdi since I shit on him like hell in my previous post which really annoyed him. But just so glad that everything is just fine now since he cool about it and he decide just to forget the old scratch…You know, it sound macho-less, but at down deep, we still love our valuable friendship and we just don’t want to lost it just because my bloody stupid mistake! (Aizat! Don’t you dare 2 do it again~!)

Btw, when in comes to Rushdi, what did pop up in my mind like all the time are Fahri, Supernatural, Charmed, scandal, and and all the bitter sweet moment that we had face together. Memang sedih kalau kite kehilangan seorang kawan yang betul2 paham, sependapat, rapat dengan kite, x senang dudok woo..tapi kalau pemergian die adalah ke jalan Allah (menunutut ilmu, or etc) aq redha jew pasal sepanjang kami bersahabat, banyak sangat mnde2 yang die ajar aq, susah senang pown memang semedang la dengan die..Hobby, music, movies and fashion, and almost everything! kalau orang laen tuh, kirim salam r kowt…(tapi korang still color my life! ;-p)

Alhamdulillah! Bersyukur sangat2! Pasal hari ni banyak sangat urusan yang Allah dah permudahkan untuk aq!!! Subhanallah…rase macam nk nagis pown ade pasal dari hari Isnin aq berhajat nk bace Yassin after Maghrib..tapi the obstacle are just all over the way and I can’t barely avoid it! Bile sampai hari Khamis malam jumaat tuh, igt kesempatan terbaik la yg ade after maghrib tuh malam tuh plawk aq ade kelas MGT and kne anto plawk lupe nk arrange balik page elok2 so mmg tak smpat psl kelas pown kol 8.30pm. Tapi, hari mmg everything seems just right! Instead of Rushdi’s matter, I also got to read the Yassin right after perform the maghrib! Syiok abish wo…hehe

Alamak, nk update my others account lorr..Cau!

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