Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Test yg xblei bla...

I work out super hardcore revise on MGT160 and I only scored 96%?! WTF!

You know what, the rest of the class mostly got like 100%-108% that’s really piss me off! (They got extra marks for finish untimely and the balance marks will be thrown in the final exam marks soon as reward)

Look, we are required to finish 50 questions (20 true/false + 10 objectives + 20 matching) in less than 2 hours! Dah la tadi aq sakit perut. I'm shitting like 10 minutes only and others had already passed up their answer sheet as I got back! Damn it! So, time aq bwt tuh mmg rushing nak mampos!

test kali ni mmg btol2 xlei nk bwt sebagai pengukur aras or ape kejadah/whatever did you call it!

Sabar jewla bulan2 pose ni..ish3..


nur nina said...

wahh.. boleh pulak test camtu ek..
100% + 8% = 108%????

Izzat Al-Zahari said...

You can always replace it with 'assume', 'believe', 'conclude', 'feel' and there is more. Open up the dictionary.

I don't think you do know me. But we went to the same school. It's just I'm older than you.

Aizat said...

die bg 10 marks bonus utk sape2 yg dpt siap awal..tp aq x dpt lorr..huhu
klu x blei r nk bwt backup utk final!

wow, this is getting creepy if we both went to the same school but i don't even know who are you?

btw, thanks for drop by my blog! :-p


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