Sunday, September 6, 2009

Aizat mrepek sorang2 dlm bus.(amm0n ma way 2 Kanga'!)

Huhu..dh nek bus dh ni..nk blk kangar..sdey cz tngglkn family,besh nk jumpe kwn2!aq dh bosan2 dok dlm bus ni ,mule r nk mrapu panjang lebor! Hehe:-P

Aq nek mara liner.bus ni bapak la beso nk mampos tp org nyew, alahai..sciput jew,x smpai 10 org kowt..

I ws thinking 2 fool ar0und Kangar as i nk bli/pg mane huh?kangar 2 bkn nye cm ipoh aizat oi,ko nk lepak2..

By the way,exited gilerr when i arrived h0me last c0uples 0f day,ade board yg bapakla-gigantic-sial! writen ' McD Coming So0n!'
0MG! McD juz rite in fr0nt of my house? Bloody hell,h0w c0ol's that!! I am so gonna fuckin' ma throat with da bloody bitchy doublecheese 0r even quarter p0under d0wn deep! Hell yeah,d0wnright Fred!

Oh ye,tringat yg ehsan soh bwk any latest m0vies.he told me it c0uld be any last/2 year m0vies since he reck0n dat any too up-to-date m0vies at da pirate bay might be in a teribly bad quality. Well,u kn0w what,in da name 0f Shanaynay m0thafucka, i g0t like bunch 0f HQ 2009 release movies in ma D! Obsessed, Kn0wing, Up, 17 Again, The Ghost of My Girlfriend Past and lots 0f other shit! Lol! While Merul lak nk anime,so i br0ught ma dvd, Law of Euki, Death N0te, & Midori n0 Hibi.

Jgn overly exited n leka plawk with all da stuff(plus,all c0mplete seas0n of Supernatural DVDs is waiting 4 me @ ma r0om!) psl ko dh skip classes 4 3days n 2 Biz Math quiz which n0t yet taken. Dh la assignment MGT: Quality x siap lg!

En0ugh lorr! Ngantok rr,nk tido..papyex guys!

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