Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kesatria Suck!

I don’t know why it does appear to be so annoy on Ikmal since he told me that I got problems with my Kesatria thingy ( I was suppose to be thankful on him for letting me know this stuff, but he’s really annoying!). I kinda reliefs when he told me that Commander Kartini wanna help me with the problems. But as I tried to call her like 5 time, she just didn’t pick it up! Worst, as I called Ikmal back, he told me that it’s going to be the end of the world if I couldn’t make it! What the hell with that attitude?! At least make me feel better. Argh, for god sake, I’m already thrilled with my image crisis!

I’m sick here with me eyes swollen (let just hope Bloody Marry don’t come and get it coz I watched Supernatural just now! LOL!) and he telling me that I gotta called the Commander hardly, as if he was bribe by the commander! WTF.

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Aizat said...

problem solved.
dude, juz please don't over exaggerating a small matter.

I called commander Kartini just now, everything just went cool and she'll try to help me with the probs since there was mistaken during previous registration.



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