Friday, September 4, 2009

Life’s hectic, painful; challenging, funny, spooky, and crazy and even some time kinda screwed up.

Bad things might happen but you don’t know when, why and how. It’s sound bad, literally yes, but implicitly, no. Things not just happen without reasons. God knows the perfect plan. Some time, we might rant out, disagree with the flow. Can’t people just stop complaining but do something instead! Things happen for reason. There’s a lesson to be learn in life. There’s a mistake waiting to be correct. Life‘s not just for cash.


OMG! Do I write that shit? I can’t believe my damn swollen eye apparently started to blemish my brain. Well, I guess it’s true.

When people fall sick, they started to loose their attraction. The referent power is gone. Thus, what’s left is just the basic stuff. As everything’s gone, they’ll started to think, asking; ‘did I do anything wrong?’

Well, I said, ‘Hell yes, you did! It’s time for payback. So take your time!’

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