Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Damn Easy!

Alhamdulillah now I found the hotspot in my room where to place my phone so that I can surf internet faster. Btw, I’m using my phone as modem, plus it’s more practical when I’m subscribing the internet via my celcom X-pac :P Brilliant huh? When I’m in my room, I can surf on my laptop, but when I’m out for classes I can still surf internet via my high speed phone! Hehe :P But I’m kinda worry because previously I often twit and updating facebook during classes.Oops :P Well, technology makes things easier, right?
Speaking of easier, lately I faced lots of problems but things started to become easier, Alhamdulillah.

Well, here are the problems:

• I forgot to bring my BTN form which needed to be filled in first week weekend which only held like once a semester. For the record, those who missed on out of six programs, they might not graduate.
• I can’t just simply get home and take it because it’s a couple of miles away from Arau for goodness sake!
• Abah volunteer to come here for the blue BTN form since he claims it’s okay cause it’s really vitally important to me but I refuse since it’s just a piece of paper and for that important shit/sheet might expose my dad to road accident.
• My dad post the form but it’s schedule to arrive here on Monday which is 2 days after the program! WTH
• I was damn worry on everything within last week plus the entire new subject burden!

Well, here are the solutions:
• I hardly convince my parent to just Pos Laju it even the still wanna give it to me directly, and they agree.
• Coincidently/luckily, the lecturer who handles the BTN program yesterday was En. Kamal, my MGT Lecturer! He’s really nice to everyone and I’m so glad that likes to ask me favors instead of others thus make us in a cool relationship between a lecturer and a student.
• En. Kamal agree to sign the form later on even after the program ended.
• The BTN program which was schedule from 8 am until 5 pm got shorten by En. Kamal, again. Even it’s only for his session but we can still enjoy free noon until evening instead of others who still busy with their module :P

To be exact, there’s one big different in my life within that week is, I had just realize the vital of selawat toward our prophet Rasulullah SAW. Every time you selawat towards him, Allah will pray for your safety 10 times in return. This is because the prophet Muhammad is kekasih Allah thus anyone who shows their love to his lover, then they’ll get the credit too. Subhanallah!
Thanks to ustaz for the best kuliah maghrib ever!

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Amanina said...

aizat. citer pasal nak on9 kat fon. tak faham la. takut nak guna.


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