Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm not that cool, duh...

I’m clueless when people just assume me like I’m the Mr Know Everything. Seriously, it might sound petty things like going to concert, Zoot, Topman, how to buy Pizza Hut (seriously I don’t do pizza shit) and that kinda stuff are just really not me. I was like

“WTH Topman is?”
Asri: “Don’t tell me you don’t know whatta fuck Topman is for crying out loud?!”
Aizat: “ duh,no. Okay now that’s harsh…”

Yesterday Ehsan asked me to have fun at the gig somewhere at KL and it kinda huge one though, and he reckon it’s a must-go event for me! Lol :P I love too but, gig..Hmm, it’s not really my things, but I curious of knowing how it feels like to enjoy music in a concert-like atmosphere. Besides, I’m living somewhere at Ipoh, not KL.

Speaking of Pizza Hut, I don’t even know how to order one and I never eat them before, well yes actually, a couple of time but that when I was like 5 or 6 I guess, plus I barely forgot the cheesy taste of pizza hut :’(
Do I look like I’m so smart and too cool to know all those rubbish? I wish I could but I’m not.

Just now we’re just bash a small pizza party just because I never have one and they willing to give me a hit. Aww..That’s so sweet! I’ll post the picture soon!


y0Ngu falcon said...

i wish i am ms know everything... ho2... but i'm not!!

Aizat said...

yong, everyone dreamed for perfection :P


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