Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lets Appreciate Godsend

Basically, I'm about to talk of meaningful rubbish issue which might open our mind though...

Writing Manner
I was just about to write the list of "Things I should avoid when socialize with my roommates" but apparently I reckon that something uncomfortable might accidentally slip out then I realize there's a manner and ethic which needed to be consider while we're writing since that's what portray out frame of mind especially when I'm about to rant out stupid things like that unnecessary stupid list :P

It suppose to be a happy and cheerful day but when the lies comes interfere, things just got darker and hideous. Hiding the truth isn't might annoy people and somethime might save one feeling as well. But, cheating isn't a good thing either you're doing it on purpose or involuntarily. Nah, like Hannah Montana said, Nobody's Perfect LOL!

No offense to anyone who reckon crying as a shame and embarrassing. Coz I just darn thankful to god, (Alhamdulillah) that he's actually giving us a medium to stabilize the emotion, which are the main key to anything and everything. When our emotion health isn't stable, that's there's a case of killing your very one relative, that what I read on the newspaper today where a man claims that he was instructed by a spirit to commit the murder of his own grandparent, her sister and another relative. That's what might happen if the emotion health isn't at well condition. I'm not saying that people should cry so that you'll not killing people, I just trying to emphasize the vital of health either spiritual, emotional, mental and even the common physical health.
p/s~ Actually I'm spice up my mind with the Health topic since we're going to do some interactive speaking activity for tomorrow's BEL class :P

Laugh is the best medicine. Why? Because it's cheap and convenient unless you're hiring a psychology scientist or professional clown :P It's interesting od collecting jokes. Well, that's a new way of mastering the language instead of the convenient method of movies, and formal reading material because jokes might fool us with the synonym of the words it self which what makes us synthesize the situation from both perspective. So, read Jokes!


y0Ngu falcon said...

aku bace cincai2 je... so, x tau nak komen ape :D dan... oh!! bile tukar layout?? aku suke yg ni XDD

Aizat said...

haha baru jer tuko..ntah tgk diana dah ade blog baru ske layour die yg background x bgerak tuh kn, so aq tuko ala gitu huagaga :P


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