Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Money Crisis and Bloody Stupid Joke

We’re somewhat poor but I hope it’s not an obstacle to have joyful life. Perhaps I felt it’s lame that my mom crying because of this burden, but I can just promise her to study hardcore and be successful to relieve her.

Suppose gaji Abah masok hari ni tapi ntah ade probs ckit so duit mmg sesak. Worst, pendaftaran achik masok Skolah Teknik smpai RM700++fee! Mama dah susah hati sgt2 smpai mnebalkan muke mintak bayar sparoh jerr…

Plus, I accidently put such a provocative Facebook status that my phone and laptop was gone. I didn’t really mean it because it’s just momentarily since actually my roommates kept it because he afraid it’ll got stolen since I’m not around when he wanted to left the room. UNFORTUNATELY, mama read my status and that’s totally crash her down with the entire money crisis plus my stupid joke mistake.

Because of those problems, she’ crying the whole day. I afraid to give advice coz it might getting worst but I just wanna make things better.

I’m so sorry mama coz makes u take in a wrong way. I shouldn’t do that. You just don’t deserve to have such a pain life. I’m praying to Allah so that He can simplify our obscurity and rewards happiness to our family, InsyaAllah.


y0Ngu falcon said...

mintak ampun kat mak ko cepat wei!! ho2... aku pon sbnr nye cm pelik bile tgk status ko ritu... tp malas masok campo :D nasib baik aku x masok campo kan?? ho2...

Aizat said...

aq x apolagize pon psl malu..oops tatau knape :P

tpi dah explain la perkara sbenornye..
huhu :'(
lepas ni x blei ckp bukan2 dah..terus terang jerr x yh nk berlapik2 kias2 ker..aq bk power mcm a samad said pon


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