Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Target!!!

Okay, here’s the new target. I must study hardcore to maintain 3.5 above so that I can for next SEM because I’m expecting to apply the JPA scholarship which might provide like 8 thousand per year addition of money instead of PTPTN funds. Plus, I need to maintain it for at least 3 SEM so that I can further my study directly to Degree instead of taking Diploma for 6 SEM! So, it’s a shortcut to get in PHD at age before 30, though :P Okay, now that’s a bit too far but I’M JUST OVERLY EXITED and I’m tired enough of repeating the Statistic topic like 5 times already plus, tutor my pals for 3 times too. Let us hope there are no problems with Statistic. But I’m still worries of Microeconomic and Islamic Civilization since the lecturer didn’t appear year for this week classes :’( I’m afraid the same things happened to Accounting last year might happen to this 2 subjects. Aizat, anyhow, Gambatte!

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