Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pizza Party yay!

I promised you guys to show the picture of last weekend event :P ala, makan2 byase jerr.. tapi best la jugak ^^,

All BMD2BH boys kat bilik nameer :P

From left: Meor, Dean (thanx psl tlg pgi beli dgn Fikry; right)

From left: Aizat (me :P i gosh gua nmpak hideous in that pic :'( Yuzwan and Tengku

Everyone except for Paan psl die yg amik gambo :P


diyana anwar said...

wow ada ape ni?!

Aizat said...

saje2 jer diyana oi...psl aq x penah mkn pizza hut so ajk deorg/course mates mkn ramai2 :P


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