Friday, January 8, 2010

SEM 2 1st Week Report

It’s been a while I’ve been disappear from blogging, huh? :P It’s a busy first week of class but It’s pretty enjoy and I like it even though the timetable kind of freak me out since my last semester’s timetable isn’t this tight. But its just take positively; I have Free Friday for the whole semester! And that’s make my weekend three days holiday.

There’s a lot for me to share, to rant out; but I got no time to post my entry, it’s not that I’m lack of commitment!

I’m so glad that the Mandarin class isn’t the tougher as I thought. To learn a language isn’t that easy since you need to master them in order to use it as one of communication medium. Well, I gotta say that the first class was I lil boring with all sort of stupid introductions and get to know each other well. 2 hours of empty talk, can someone just drag me to hell instead?! Learning a language isn’t about understand their language and doing it well, but you can slightly learn their culture as well. The symbol and language style certainly portray us the Chinese ancient style of communication and how it’s developing. You know what, as the class ended, I just can’t wait to get home and do some revision and mesmerize all the symbols and meaning! Yay!

As for BEL260 which is my favorite subject, I’m so happy that the lecturer known y name already! Well, I gotta say that I’m quite prominent during yesterday class. Thanks a lot Miss Faye for talking about Jokes. Well, when the lecturer asking, why Blonde jokes is invented? Then as Miss Faye said, the Brunette and the Brown used to fool on Blonde because they’re too amaze on their beauties instead of intelligent. Duh, I know it’s a simple stupid fact :P But it’s good to know it at first place. I love how Mrs.Hayati prepares her lesson outline since everything is just well prepared and we’re totally having fun learning it without a pause!

Hmm, my roommates, the status is a lot like Asna Aliff but it’s quite reach to the next level which we talk a lil much as compared to meow :P The things is, there’s no serious issue, but we just don’t talk much instead of a couple dull pick up line to stay cool each other coz people was like “ don’t you talk to your roommates?”

Okay now that my sound a bit kolot for being to busybody on small thingy. Speaking of kolot, I was so annoy when people like Tengku bragging something ridiculously stupid and at the same time trying to embarrass too. I was asking a question to him during the BEL class during my group presentation. We’re discussing about quotations, and my group was talking about Kenneth Kounda’s quote. I asked him, “What situation in your life can the quote fit in?” and the he was like:
“….huh?” for 2 minutes or something.

I ‘m asking him because he’s the most talkative person in our class and I reckon it’ll be great if he’s taking part in our presentation. But, I guess he thought I was trying to set him up in front of others kot? Hmm….The Microeconomic lecturer was a bit late so I play some stupid games in my cell phone and it’s a censor-control one, so what? He was like “ Aizat best sgt ke aizat? Best gilerr2 ke?” ask me out loud and I answered,” yes, kinda…” as I ignored him, he started dramatically brag on me seriously about the BEL class issue stupidly out loud. And then, everyone was just laughing, having fun to fool me out.

It’s a bit annoying, but it’s not the deal because I was like, “hmm, amende la deorang ni?” with the feeling of sorry for him for doing something irrelevant, you know like a child. Anyhow, it’s a bit fun to hangout with them if I wanna do something crazy and release my depression. You know what, they can make me laugh non-stop like 30 minutes with their stupid jokes :P But trust me you’re not gonna like it when you’re their jokes.

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munirah said...

best nye no classes on friday... :D... senang nak balik umah...
btw, i like microeconomics subject. hehe..make sure u get a.


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