Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stupid joke!

Sometime I’m kind of fear to over excite or crazily crack jokes and all the twisted shit while hangout with my friend coz I might do something stupid and might get caught my self back :P Okay, lemme get this straight, just now I went to Meor’s room looking for Faishal who kept my locker key but actually he did left it at my room while I’m looking for him.
p/s~Well, the last time I drop by the room, Nameer offer my like all of his food stock to serve the visitor lol! Hell funny because he was like empty his stock locker and put averything infront of me and insist me to eat em all. Well, of coz it was just a joke :P That was like night when me, Fikry, Meor, Barb aka Marul, and Ikhwan discuss about the quote by Kenneth Kaunda and that moment was when Meor in a quite bad mood. Thanks to Nameer and Tengku for cracking some stupid jokes. OMG, I thanked Tengku?
Back to the story, it’s not that I’m back to have what was been offered yesterday, it’s just that it’s like like it :P lol! You know what, because I’d just eat a bowl of Tom Yam magi plus a hot Choc! And after I finished the free dinner, I said to Nameer;
“Okay, I’m full already and I wanna get back to my room.”
Omg aizat, I just reckon that it’s too rude and obvious you came just for food! Ala….actually it’s involuntary and absolutely that’s not the real purpose for drop by Nameer’s room but taking back my keys from Faishal instead coz Yuzwan said Fishal was at 305. Anyhow, I didn’t realize about that thought because it was unintended. Until Tengku, the Mulut Bisa said, “ laen kali datang la lagi” and Meor said “ Lepas ni datang bawak kawan2 sume perabish magi kt bilik ni” LOL! I know it’s a jokes, but I was like, “ omg, did I bother them so much? Argh damn, ape la aizat, huhu :P”

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