Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ulimited Text Message to anyone in this world with RM1 per week unlimited! Not a cheat but a trick :P

Even if you are sending like million of text, it still charge only RM1 per week!Of course the SMS rate nowadays is getting lower and pretty impressive. But I got a trick,or better known as the convenient and cheap way of spending unlimited sms with your friend for RM1 per week only! But of course it isn't that easy coz there're some rules :P

  1. You have to be a Celcom user (I don't know if other service also provide the service, if they do that's good)
  2. All or most of your friend which you love to text with need to have a Facebook or Twitter account.

Here's the method:
  1. Subscribe to Facebook/Twitter SMS service which is RM1 per week only.
  2. Next, do SMS subscribe on your pals at Facebook and Twitter depends who you wanted to know their status or updates 1 st or anyone la!
  3. Finish!

  1. There you go! From that point, you'll receive you friend's twit and updates via text message. Plus you can reply them via text message too for free, which is actually included in the RM1 service per week la :P
  2. You can heva conversation virtually, save electricity, save time, high mobility, anytime anyway without need to gaze on your laptop or PC, duh...
  3. You can chat with more that 1 person at once.
  4. No need to surf the internet via your phone for this purpose which would be more expensive.

  1. But the bad is your conversation isn't a private one.

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