Friday, February 5, 2010

Bla..bla..bla...Dammit (-.-)!

My blog and Facebook page might be an excellent access into my viewpoint. Somehow, this is provocative when some people use my journal to shit on me and manipulate the truth and make fun of it. That’s sucked. Stop using my twit to shit on my friends, you jackass!

Since I’m twitting frequently from my phone, anything happens will involuntarily twitted or updated at my twitter and Facebook. When, everything and anything is updated, that’s what makes it a valid source. Sometimes, I’m clueless when someone just came to me and asked me things I don’t know. I don’t mind coz that’s funny. It does really piss me off when people got hurt because of my twit and Facebook update.

Now I know why Miley deleted her twitter.


diyana anwar said...

why nih?
haih mcm2 laa dorang tu.
juat give a dam. buat bodoh je aizat :)

Aizat said...

thanx sweetie 4 advising :P

dya said...

ak xphm sgt.. tp ak nk komen.. hehe~ sje drop by! hye aizat! missing u!

Aizat said...

haha dya...rindu km jgk :P igt lgi x dlu2 time form 3 ko dok blakang aq kn dlm class? pstu gadoh2 dgn rushd smpai nanges..huagaga :P


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