Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Essay: University Students and Stress

There are many possible factors that might depress university students either critical or minimal in impact. Thus, what are the factors and how do they handle their stress nowadays?

Generally there are three major causes which lead to stress. Feeling of insecurity and self-doubt would probably one of them. Consequently, this might drive to relationship problem to fit in with peers which actually add up the stress. Besides, finances problem may put them in anxious. As the impact, this might trigger to troubles with studies plus, high expectation from parent to excel in studies might make things worst.

Anyhow, most student manage to cope with their stress well. Majority of them tend to share their burden by talking to someone. However, quite a number of them prefer to forget the problem by sleeping. 15% percent of them radiantly choose to pray as the way out from stress. Meanwhile the rest of them just prefer doing the recreation activity and playing outdoor games.
As the conclusion, how hard the challenge the students should always manage to deal with it efficiently. If they didn’t come out with any plan of escaping from the stress dungeon, the daily routine flow might get diverted.

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