Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Holiday Retell ^^, aka Karangan Ringkasan Cuti Raya Cina :P

As a rule, when you’re doing nothing, there are lots of craze might soaring in your mind particularly when you’re in toilet, on bed, or even while you’re praying (ops, busted :P).

By the way, an anonymous had just commented on my blog, that I need to variate my content to attract more reader. Well, I'm blogging not for popularity, so the content is normally based on my current mood and atmosphere. As for the last post, I was speechless to describe how do I felt since that moment I was bored to death. Well, yes there're lots of shit in my mind when I'm bored, but I couldn't manage to sort 'em out at that moment LOL ^^, Anyway, I'm really appreciate your comment coz it trigger me to at least babble on this issue :P

In that case, I am doing nothing now. I’m in Arau already. I know it’s too early, it’s Saturday, for Neptune sake and my roommates isn’t around and most of my pals will get here by tomorrow. I’m always prefer to retrieve early so that I can do some chores like laundry, tidy up my room, finish ongoing assignment and other shits. Sound practical and proficient but I’ll regret every time I got back before time coz it’s bored to death! LOL, but I’ll indulge a better Monday as the payback. ^^

Well, lets recap what happened this Lunar New Year holiday!

On my way home, we received a call from Acu, that Mak Cu is at hospital coz her stomach kept on itchy from the last night but Alhamdulillah according to the doctor, it's just normal stretching from the baby :P

Wow! Opah and Atok got their brand new haircut from the greatest barber, Ayah Cho :P Actually, long hair makes them headache so just get in bald which much confort LOL :P

Couples hour later, this cute pie arrived from JB! Miss him a lot currently :P He's holding the disco stick (Ops, that's sooo Gaga :P ) of Spongebob while Rumaisa got herself a Hello Kitty one.

Yay! On Monday we hit the Sunway Extreme Park for rounds of go-karts! It was so much fun coz we did crash a lot :P To be exact me and Inah LOL ^^

Well on second thought, I have no idea why is this family is so active with recreational activity? They're just so supportive on the Cuti2 1Malaysia campaign yet they climb up the Cameron Highland for a cup of tea (as usual...boring). So, I wasn't there as Inah replace me :P I reluctant to join them due to my unfinished business (assignment, chores etc)
p/s~Duh, aizat, that sentence is too factualicious; ops, not an English word :P Anyway, check this out!

The picture was taken at Brinchang, Cameron if I'm not mistaken. Cool huh? Look at the long cylinder-like cloud. Isn't it magnificent? Plus that's the single cloud on the sky at the moment. Quite number of people got their camera on the sky.

The holiday Is over for Achik on Wednesday so we got him back to Sekolah Menengah Teknik Padang Rengas at the evening. Worst, the car stuck from highway until the school entrance due to stupidity of some cars for stopping their car right in front of the Pak guard hut. For goodness sake, you can rationally park it somewhere else nearby or perhaps let your kids report their attendance at the Pak guard hut first before drive in instead of trigger some traffic jam. Ops, too much complain :P Check that out, the hostel. Looks like an apartment, but trust me, you don't wanna get in...

LOL as for today event, nothing special instead of boring journey to Arau. (Gosh, even the sentence is lame as I mention the 'Arau', yuck!) We drop by the Masjid Negeri Perlis and I found a cat just caught himself in a criminal! He just killed a cute little bird for fun...Oooo.......~silence~......
Okay, I'm lame.

Well, I reckon that's all for today. Damn, I can't believe I'm actually convincing myself that this holiday is kinda fun :P

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