Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There’s a thing that I hate the most. Not on the top, but I still hate it. Let say, I hate a SHIT. Of course not everyone loves SHIT, but unfortunately, most of my pals kind of into it. Even though, listening to the SHIT issue had truly piss me of to the max already, worst, I’m touching it? Hell No!

I’ve no idea, no offense to them, (hell no they got offended, of course!) But still, no idea why I’m keeps hating people who adore the SHIT lately. In fact, when they love the SHIT, as if they’re insulting me! Plus, when they asking me to join the SHIT group, that actually irritating!


diyana anwar said...

i dont understand anything that ur writing on this post. too bad. huhu

Aizat said...

Hun,what is the thing that u hate m0st?

Replace it with SHIT.

In this context, SHIT symbolize s0mething gross n repulsive.

Get it?


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