Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mandarin Quiz

I was just about to let know you guys that the mandarin test just now was hell unproblematic and my effort on it just overly too much though. But that does not going to turn out, since I’d confirm that I got wrong for question 3. I was depressed all the way home from class, because that’s bullshit. Everyone got full marks but not me. Lame huh? I was about to cheat on that question by asking Ain the correct answer. She did give the hint but the answer sound unfamiliar to me makes me lean not to take her answer. Unfortunately, it was the right one.

Aizat, can we take this positively? At least you’re not dishonest. Like Dr Wani said, economically, cheating in test or is never a good plan since it’s going to mess up your entire life with erroneous input and speculation. Even you got perfect marks but there’s nothing to be cherish since it’s not wholly your sweat. Even your future deluxe wages comes from the cheating in exam; theoretically, Al Falah concept isn’t adapted in this case, so the Habluminallah Rule isn’t obeyed. Ouch, I’m overly into microeconomics mood now?

I hate to repeat that “there was lot’s things in my mind but it just gone every time I’m about to type it out!”
There was a moment where I can write non stop like 4 hour but unfortunately it’s a provocative one, ops :P


y0Ngu falcon said...

yes!! aku setuju dengan kau punye Dr Wani tu :D

bagi aku, bia la kite salah pon asalkan x meniru.. tapi tipu la kan kalau kite x rase down bile tengok markah orang lain tinggi2, tetibe markah kite mcm haram..

tapi(lagi), belajar dr kesalahan la kan?? :D
ok la... tipu lagi la kalau aku cakap aku x penah meniru kan... ade la sikit...

tapi(ya Allah.. byk tapi nye :D),perasaan dapat markah tinggi dari perbuatan meniru tu x macam dapat markah bile kite buat sendiri.. mesti ade rase bersalah sikit dalam hati :D (aku rase macam aku ulang ape yang kau cakap je cume ni dalam malay version.. ho2..)

ok!! pnjg pulak aku merepek..
anyway, gud luck!! XDD

Aizat said...

Haha yong..ape2 p0n kte dlm proses pmbelajaran so t8 time 2 accomodate (btol ke eja??:-P


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