Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spa di Bali ^^, x yh nk mrepek aizat...

Bru jerr abish download My Sister's Keeper! x sabo nk tgk tpi kne study Economics dlu as the price pasal dh banyak sgt poye2 dis week (^,-)"

OMG, I don't know but for some reasons, I fall in love with this picture! Isn't it beautiful? Wanna have 1 of my version!!!

Anna used to be a really cute girl in Charlie and the chocolate factory ans she's growing up prettily and Alex was so childish in The Seeker and now he's like a Hugo Boss boy (I am so jealous:P )

Pretty blur right now LISTENING TO thinking of Jonas Brother singing Thinking Of You by Katy Perry because I believe they was in my dream today as well LOL :p

I don’t know why I love to indulge myself even not so luxury but I’m really hoped for one. Okay, actually, it’s not really for the body aura and all that shit where you’re doing that stuff at spa. This is just another simple routine of improving my healthy mentally and physically in a cheap convenient way. Well, as for a guy, being metro sexual isn’t something embarrassing since everyone tend to looks and feel goods even I’m not utterly handsome( but isn’t I’m cute :P ). But as for me I don’t really mind of the current looks since that’s god’s gift and I’m aware of it and just be thankful. Even I am sometime kind of envy noticing my handsome friends. LOL, okay now that’s funny.

Okay cut it out Aizat! Actually what did drag me to come out with such above statement is because, just now when I was in the middle of Statistic preparation for tomorrows test, I felt so uncomfortable and hot. Not sexy but scorching hot :P Well, plus the simple statistic question never define a simple answer, for the record. You know what, it gives us a simple table, and I spent like 1 hour to figure out the mean, standard deviation, mode, quartile, percentile, median, and all that shit. Damn it. Okay enough with that trouble.

Obviously, it’s stressful right? It’s getting hotter and my face getting oily. Even my eyes are getting heavy. Perhaps I put on the lens too long though. I was like, “Okay I need a bath, or spa perhaps :p “. There’s no other way to fly from here to Bali (okay now that over exaggerating).

“Aizat, just simply wash your face”

LOL! Nothing cool to share, but I did notice that my appearance sort of changed before I pamper myself and after. Previously, I looked perkily hazel and oily like a pancakes. Then

“Who’s that geek?”

LOL! It’s not that I looked even uglier. I just put on my old-school glasses instead of hazel lens and put some toner and the pimple serum (ops!). Go on say whatever you wanted to brag on me, but honestly, it consoling and I’m less nerve-racking already. Alhamdulillah.


diyana anwar said...

hey me too! sometimes i really feel like going to a spa without a smock. :D

* eschew the thoughts that it will be cost-y ;P

Aizat said...

nti kte pgi skali yewk! spaQ ke SpaZ ke..chop2! why don't we open a new spa?! ohoho :P

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