Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Sister's Keeper Review...Dah malas nk study :'(

Seriously, my craze on study is falling day by day yet the Economic s test is on Thursday! Within this weekend I spent on nothing but movies, sleep, movies again and all sort of shit repeatedly.

Listening to So Yesterday is so yesterday!

I’m so not aggravated to study shit currently. But as for sure I’m so not going to turn my mom asking for pick up line because she’s just easily cry when it comes to persuade me chase my dream. No offense but I hate to see her tears but her smile instead, because it’s much relief and more beautiful. Love u mama! Ops, not to mention, she was in the newspaper last week for horse sports? OMG!

Speaking of mother’s love, it does remind me to My Sister’s Keeper!
If you suffer for cancer with bald and ugly chemo effects and everything seems ugly on you, are you willing to step out and face the world? Well, that’s what happens to Kate.

Kate. A girl who suffer for cancer at a very young age.

Kate: Don’t you dare to tell me I’m beautiful because I’m not. Don’t you dare to tell me that’s nobody’s going to stare me because they will. I’m a freak!

Mom: Okay that’s it.
*as she walks away and…

She just do anything to share the pain with her daughter and do anything to make things better. Nothing to embarrassing of.

Physical beauty can never defeat the beautiful from inside especially from a mother what makes it much pure and precious. In order to gain something, we need to pay it, like it or not, how much shameful it is, painful, ridiculous, things never come without a price.


diyana anwar said...

OMG. that part really turned me off! menangis bagai nak rak. muahaha

Aizat said...

ya Allah...btol2 sgt2 la diana time tuh serious mcm terkejot giler2 psl mak die tanpe ragu2 tobek kpale die...aje giler bbeno!

Mother's love.

diyana anwar said...

hahahah. ate udoh ckp peghak kamuu.
tu la di namakan, power of love. :)

Aizat said...

ate rhope tu lew! smemoga kte2 nit mampu utk harungi cabaran kalo Allah uji kte dgn ujian cmtu kn2? :)


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