Sunday, February 14, 2010

Review of the day: Arriving Ipoh

Well, here's the beginning of holiday, huh?
I'm not in mood of writing long shit so hope these picture are good enought for today's review.

Well, actually this picture was taken at R&R Bukit Merah as we're on our way to Ipoh. Suddenly mama got a call from Acu saying that Mak Cu needed to be rushed to the hospital.

So, we just drop by Hospital Pantai to check her out. She's pregnant currently. I reckon the baby kinda doing some early stretching though...

Since everyone are worrying of Mak Cu, the younger aka kids spending their time at home for video games & Twilight (dh alang2 ttibe ade plawk kt Star Movie ke HBO ntah la), sounds rude for abandoning Mak Cu, but actually it's kinda helping for not making noise at the ward. One person is good enough to take care on Mak Cu for overnight.

No mothers for food serving, they're just having instant mee for dinner, LOL I'm talking like I'm not part of them :P

p/s~ There're lots of Mini Poppers in Acu's freezer Yummy!


dya said...

nak mini popper 1!

Aizat said...

ok dah post laju dh :P


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