Friday, February 12, 2010

Review of the day: One Day in Penang ^^,

FRIDAY 4.15pm

FML. I'm stranded at McD Perda like 1 hour with nothing to do! At first I'd plan with Meor and Ikhwan to meet up at McD, since we're all marooned at Penang (except for Ikhwan because he lives here) before get back to fatherland.

It's pretty infuriate actually waiting for them, like waiting for rain in drought, hopeless and boring (WTF, no time for literature, hun!). No offense to you guys, but if you're at my foot, you'll feel the same, I bet. Anyhow, since I’m really dumb in expressing my angriness, I just keep on laughing as the best way to calm my self down, pity little aizat, LOL. Afterward, Mak long just fetch me and she’s really angry on my friends for abandoning me, but, Meor and Ikhwan, don’t worry coz I’m just cool about it :P

WTF; this is suppose to be gnashing-your-teeth post for crying out loud, AIZAT!

Okay, Whateverr…


I just got home. Just now on our way to Tesco (to fetch my cousin, Aqilah, she work as a part-time cashier) I reckon it was my first time in my entire life witnessing a road accident right in front of my eyes! At the moment it happened, we were having tea at the tepi jalan stall, and unexpectedly, it happened, one of the victims was a woman; I heard her screaming and consequently an explosion-like sound, grabs everyone attention.

The traffic jam is fuckin pack!

Bunch of alarmed customers rush to them and drag them to the side road immediately. Luckily, there’s a police with us in the stall thus he just settle the case right away and brings all the victims to the near police station. I just hope everyone is fine especially the woman.

Damn it! Unfortunately, I don’t the picture of it, sob2…There was 3 motorcycle bumps up in the middle of traffic jam, yokatta they’re not going so fast make the damage less severe.

FRIDAY 8.21pm

I'm a Chedet fan so I just bought this book as I noticed it at Tesco Gramedia just now, thanks Mak Long for the book!


Amanina said...

first time aku tgk accident, orang yg kena langgar tu melambung depan aku. huhuhu

Aizat said...

wow, that's way much tragic than mine :P


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