Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review of the day: Sudden Change (T.T)(=.=')(^^,)

It'sa quite interesting day since lotsa change happen which might give big impact to my life in long period.

1. My Eco lecturer started to get serious, means no more jokes, since our test result was a hell. Plus, she gave a killing assignment on 12.30pm and needed to be submit on 1.30pm on the same day. But the funny/weird part is, I don't really mind coz we deserve it right (since my self as well kinda disappointed on our performance this time) but the other students from different course are one who overly gossip about this shit. WTH? This mean, no more laugh in Eco.

2. From now on, we, the resident of Nyatoh are going to have a weekly meeting every Thursday night. I don't know who's bloody idea is this, since I'm very sure the idea might came from the Smart Group shit. Plus, someone will wake us up for subuh on 5.30am everyday and ironically Subuh prayer only started on 6.25am here in Arau.

3. Here's the positive part :p One of my roommates slightly show a drastic change which obviously prominent when he started to fasting, reading Yasin during spare time. LOL no need for a bizzare-face since that a good news for crying out loud guys! :D

p/s~I started to have fun here in college, but ironically (again =.=') there're lots of penalty as the payback T.T

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