Saturday, February 27, 2010

Screwed Up End

What a stressful day! This is just the minor feeling since it's a day to celebrate The Prophet Rasulullah birthday, right guys?

Anyhow, I'm still human. I can't solidly fix my feeling in joyous all the time since Allah gave me couples of small emotional test today, ops :P

Everything was so much fun celebrating the Maulidur Rasul!=D I received lots of text message with blissful message and reminding hadith and Sirah which mostly recap me the memory on the lovely Muhammad SAW! awww...he's so sweet when putting his ummat at first place instead of himself!!! I am sooo gonna love him all my life, Insya Allah!=D

Well, back to earth...
here are the piss-off-list of the day:

  1. Today's dinner are pretty smokey and too much fun. Hell yes, this is a joke (angry face). It's annoying when they were blowing the smoke just right onto my face since the wind pointing on me. Anyhow, how reluctant I am to smoking, I just have to respect their decision for being a smoker coz I'd learn something from the past LOL :p

  2. I just got my course jersey and it's a total disaster! Plus-size can never suit my skinny body for crying out loud and obviously! I pay like RM50 for that dull red-black-ugly robes! Mother F!

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