Friday, March 19, 2010

Aiman x kesah :P

What a surprising that Aiman had leaved our QMT group for the Statistic Project, even Nameer said, “oh, what a good news!”

At first, his sudden decision is so provocative since of coz, there’re reasons why he’s leaving, but anyhow, I don’t think it’s a big deal since he is so not going to bring us down with such crazy choice. I respect his decision at the same time, anyway. He’s not the backbone anyway we are still at zero in progress except for the questionnaire. But FYI, even the questionnaire was made by me,Yuzwan and Nameer, Aiman just did some small recheck.

Gosh, gotta work harder to finish this project!

p/s= I'll talk about Pestas Digma, Bella and the Hantu incident in next entry, InsyaAllah


dya said...

ni happy ke tak? penin la aku

Aizat said...

ntah la yg oi...neutral since this shit is happening to everyone. some people might said its about trust, teamwork, but i see it as a challenge and we'll finish the assignment independently!

Aizat said...
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