Monday, March 22, 2010

BEL 260 Homework...another Hantu talk

University student nowadays do not spend their free time wisely. Do you agree with this statement? State your opinion in not less than 350 words.

If we compare the university student’s daily timetable with other institution like Matriculation College or even high school, the university student’s routine is more flexible as compared to the others. Anyhow, this windfall is misused by some of the university students by doing unbeneficial activity which triggers the community to come out with such negative perception, that university student do not spend their free time wisely. Some of the perceptions are, most of their time is wasted on internet surfing without academic intention and they misuse their weekend time by hit the mall frequently. In contrast, those negative perceptions is denied when the university student is actually spending their free time wisely with specific purpose but in a slightly atypical way like, hit the mall only for lighten the stress after hours of study in purpose, and use the internet as a healthy worldwide medium of socializing rather than educational use alone.

Okay, that's the BEL260 homework. We only asked to do the introduction only ^^,

Well, remember the last time I speak of Hantu shit and Bella's crisis, so here's the picture where Ikram Dinzly calm Bella down. I'm sooo envy!!! Kalau la aq mlintas kn dewan time tuh!!! :'(

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