Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Co Exias Dinner 2010

Here's the last night Co Exias Dinner. I was the host of the night with Kechik. Sob2, I forgot to have a snap with her coz she looks so cute and stunning last night! I was kinda embarrass myself last night but at least I kept the event warm coz someone said I was like Aznil Nawawi, ops...lets take it as a compliment :P

Still, there's flaw in my appearance as the host. Almost the same feeling when I lose the public speech competition. Consequently I just can conclude that there are always weakness in anything you do, even though you put the best effort, but it can never turn out in a perfect shape. Just be grateful and happy with what you get coz God know what's best for you.

Ops, aizat...enough =.="

Here are some picx!

Find more photos like this on maresmal-alumni-space!

A night to remember..

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