Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jadi Kuli kne Angkat Barang

The last 2 week, I was busy with the public speech stuff. Last weekend I went to Alor Setar with roommates. And this weekend, I went to Alor Setar again? Dush! You should spend your weekend wisely Aizat! Plus, your money is depleting lorr...Actually it's not in the weekend plan, but out of Sudden Ain insist me to go. Since she helped me a lots in statistic, I'm kinda sangsi to reject her invitation,so we just hit the Alor Setar yesterday.

It's annoying when you have to spend like RM10 from Arau to A. Setar. Bullshit! We shoud go by train at first place if we know this could happen. Anyhow, Lokman was with us in the van, and he kinda piss off with the fee too. Hmm...but he wasn't fool around with us at the Pacific since he just hop in to get home at Alor Setar to celebrate his family birthday party. sweet! I started to get homesick :'(

At first we drop by the Pacific. Nowhere to go. Boring coz the mall is a Family Shopping mall thus there's no cool outfit except for the dull custom design. Urgh...we're at the Reject Shop in that pic

If you notice, it was Yuzwan back there consult Syaza how to trim her hair LOL :P While at the right side is Tiqa, she just straighten her hair with some light cut.

Well here is where I'm actually part of the event since the rest is all the girls egenda of buying all the laundry stuff and sanitary shit. Me and Yuzwan were damn piss off with the tones of baranf dapur by the girls while as for us, we bought nothing except food. Well, I just myself a new haircut.

From left: Aizat, Tiqa, Syaza. Kt blakang tuh Yuzwan :P

We waited the train for ages but it still didn't arrived until 6pm. (=.=)!

LOL love this shot by Yuzwan. He told us to embody the atmosphere and be emotional and posing huagaga :P RESULT!

The rain was darn hard on our way home. I'm so glad that it's actually turn off the jerami coz I really hate the method of gaining profit by denaturing the nature!

Even dark cloud has a silver light :P

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