Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Malu tahap Gaban+Mask Rider

Damn, this is one killing entry coz I’m actually revealing my flaw.

My embarrassing moment have similarities as I recap those scene back. I’m all screwed up when I started lost confident on myself. Coz there will be lots of unknown voice from surrounding teasing my stupid behavior even it isn’t that silly. I am so easily heartbroken. WTF aizat? This emotion is bullshit! :P Worst, it can possibly ruin me the whole week for some extreme incident. For example is the public speech about Art. Well I did talk about Gaga as the example, and the next whole week, I was in people’s conversation! I noticed it every time I pass trough them and they was like psss…gaga….aizat…art…shit….bla3…MALU

Well, another weakness is, when it comes to pretty girls, Ill get shaky out of sudden. Even though she’s just passing by and we don’t even talk! I am sooo not good in accommodating with girls that I don’t know well. Who is this motherfucker pussy scared of girl, WTF?! Fine! I know that I used to be a talkative guy ever when it comes to gossiping with girls, but that’s for Soleh and the Gang, Syereen and the troop, and Azimah the cute becok only… :’( Anyhow, even I just got a couple snap of pictures with Bella, afterward, the little voice will kept haunting and teasing me again!…sob3…

Worst, for a combo attack, you can ask me to play football as defense in position. That’s not just embarrassed, but truly insulting at the same time! I never good in football and most sports included ball, but ropes instead. I’m kinda good in doing freestyle of jump rope. Thanks to Syatiry coz he was at national for jump rope sport. U know what, this shit had really improve my cardio!

Rational. Rotten. Radioactive. Any word involving the ‘R’ letter, I’ll end up in French slang. That why I prefer to do debate in English rather than doing the Bahas Ala Parlimen even the BM version is way much easier. LOL I can barely manage to pronounce it correctly like 19 years already!

Aizat, can you please gain your self confident!!!

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