Monday, March 22, 2010

My Todays Conclusion

Things happen for reasons, lessons, revenge, jokes, or just another normal event not happen for nothing. These shit is actually grows you up and shape you to be more mature in making decision. I have no idea why I’m talking this shit, I remember if eating it with Yuzwan every time we have our meal, LOL :p

I feel it’s rude to interrupt people’s conversation as the common rule said so. But I do listen to peoples talk so that I can interrupt in peace. Lay low and stay cool in making friends. LOL good luck with that, Aizat. A lot like collecting data method gossip tips. But I gotta say it’s kinda embarrassing if you couldn’t make iJustify Fullt to the next level.

It’s common thing when you asking like lots of stupid question to people. Different people with different level of friend will respond in different way. For example when your mate is eating, you might ask,

Hai, makan ke? Sorang jer?

But when it comes to enemies, the might respond to you like,

Are blind or something?

But I still reckon such simple question can actually keep the bond stable in constant without required any outlier effort.

It is sucks in making tough decision. Just like what happened in Drag Me to Hell, should I confess I’m a gay? , Should I tell mom I got F for certain subjects or whatever… See, all those questions can actually depress you implicitly.

BTW, I met Bella just now, (the Hantu actress from Pentas Digma). Well, she said she’s recovering. She is giving a try for traditional remedy and any possible ways to wipe up out ‘the thing’. Gosh, I was goose bumps when she showed us the kesan2 cakar all over her body, creepy! Let us hope she’ll be just fine. Alamak, knape sume org x sehat? Even my roommate is kinda sick today, poor thing :’(

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