Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a night to remember, a lesson to refer

I was forced to happy with the second runner up in the Piala Pengarah Kampus 2010 in public speech but then I started to realize that there lot’s of reasons why I’m destined in this position. As Aiman advised me,

What’s over is over. You can’t change the time, but you can change the future’

Anyhow, I’m personally, thought that I deserve the 1st place but it’s just not my luck. FYI, the other 2 bitches was just memorized their text and acting like bunch of kindergarten story teller. I was truly delivering the speech spontaneously defining art by touching the deepest core of my soul!

Anyhow, there’s another chance of improving my soft skills since I’m going to be the host for tomorrow’s faculty dinner. Hope I can impress and warm up the event, Insya Allah ;D

By the way, here are the pictures last night...

There was a Bahas Ala Parlimen Final before the public speech session


From left: Faiz, Aizat, Yuzwan, Kak Ira


diyana anwar said...

ok lah tu aizat! be grateful!

try next time, maybe this time your luck is not there. but after all u have done ur best ryte?

and im sure everyone is proud of you! :)

Aizat said...

LOL yes they did. Aizat rase cm poyo pon ade gk ohoho :P

anyway, yes I'm very grateful!


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